User Guide

First time usage:-
Step 1 : Insert your SIM into your phone and switch the phone on
Step 2 : A screen appears on your phone where you have a choice of 3 Roaming Profiles :
SELECT LOCATION: The asterisik ( * ) indicates the active Profile.
  • *Global (works in most countries –/ not in Italy and UK)
  • USA (can be used in USA, Canada and Mexico,optional: requires additional activation fee)
  • UK/ ITALY (needs to be selected when in Italy or United Kingdom)
Step 3 : Select the profile with the curser of your phone – your phone will switch again off and on refreshing and activating the profile.
Step 4 : Once you're connected to a network you will receive an SMS containing your new UK mobile number.
In manual mode:dial 133 (*133#) and push the Call button to receive your new UK mobile number.
PIN Code: On your SIM card holder you will find a 4-digit Pin code.

Dial format – Make call / Send SMS :-
Call-back *(#): plus (+) Country code + phone number + hash(#) (eg +44123456789#)
asterisk (*)+ Country code + phone number + hash(#) (eg *44123456789#)
Press call or ok button
Your phone will ring and after taking the call you will be connected to the number you have dialed.
Please note: It is important to add the # at the end of the number – otherwise it will be recognized as a call-through (direct-call) which are less convinient as a call back call.

Send SMS (+) (+) Country code + phone number (eg +44123456789)
Please note: Do not use 00 before the country code either for calls or SMS!

Troubleshooting :-
Cannot make calls
  1. Check to make sure your SIM card is properly installed.
  2. Make sure you are getting a signal.
  3. If there is no coverage (network not available) yet you know mobile services exist in the area it might mean that our SIM does not have roaming agreements in that country.
  4. Make sure you have credit in your account allowing you to make calls or receive calls. Credit is required in your account to receive inbound calls for non-free roaming countries.
  5. Make sure you are dialing * before the number and # after it.
  6. Make a test call using *133# and verify you receive both a network message and a text message containing your phone number.
  7. The SIM card may be incompatible with certain handsets in its default mode. There is an entry for 'Call-back Application' in the SIM Menu.

This will normally have a * digit before it to show that the Application is functioning correctly. If it has a \ digit in place of the * this means that the handset does not support the special Call-back Application that is loaded onto the SIM card.

If you suspect that there are handset compatibility issues then it is necessary to dial a # after the telephone number when making a call.

Do not however go into this menu and deactivate the Call-back Application.

Message: Call barring active
The voice response "Call barring active" from the local operators happens when a subscriber dials the call-thru format when there is no call-through available in the current location (country).

Dialing number + # at the end of the number resolves this issue and triggers the callback: eg. +44123456789#

Call quality issues
In case the quality of your call is poor, make sure you have a proper signal. If you have a good signal the line may be at fault, please hang up and redial. If that does not resolve the problem please try changing mobile networks. Refer to your handset manual for instructions to do this.