International roaming services today are extremely expensive and result in very high costs for most mobile network operators and travelling subscribers alike. As a result, most mobile subscribers who travel abroad seek alternative options to avoid high international roaming charges, which then result in inferior service for the subscriber and loss of revenue for the local service provider. ATC SIM product offers a cost effective, value added alternative to the traditional international mobile roaming services as provided today.

ATC SIM is specifically designed to be sold to the international Travellers.

What are the benefits of ATC Telecom for an international traveller?
  • Save up to 90% on international roaming charges
  • One number across the globe
  • Free incoming calls
  • You pay only for what you use
  • No hidden charges – complete transparency
  • Your exclusive global number.
  • Easy to buy. Easier to use.
Is ATC SIM - prepaid or post paid?
ATC SIM follows a 'pay as you go' model. You simply top-up your ATC online in the TOP UP section for the amount you wish to load . You can do this whenever you need, from whichever corner of the world you are Can I buy the ATC SIM Service online? Yes! You will need to keep your original passport handy along with a scanned copy and you will need to use a computer equipped with a web camera to sign up online. You will be identified by our call centre agent and your ID checked and logged in to our database after the agent sees the original passport. You may pay for the service by your international credit card.Alternatively, you may just walk in to any of our dealers and buy the service within minutes. You may always call +91 9001966682 and our agents will be more than happy to arrange for you to subscribe to the service. Of course, regardless of how you subscribed to ATC SIM Service, you can top up online at www.atcsim.in
Is there any monthly rental for the service that ATC SIM provides?
No, There are no monthly rental charges applicable for ATC SIM
Are there any formalities /documentation attached to subscribe to this service?
Government regulations make it mandatory for you to submit your Passport Copy and Visa Copy to us.
What would be the timeline to receive ATC SIM after subscribing for it?
If you subscribed to ATC SIM Service at one of our dealers, you will be given the ATC SIM Welcome Kit immediately on your payment being cleared. If you subscribe online or through the telephone, we will dispatch the ATC SIM Welcome Kit by express couriers the same day, itself. Depending upon your location you may receive the kit on the next day or in any case under 4 working days.
Which address will you send my ATC Welcome Kit?
We can only dispatch the Welcome Kit to the address mentioned in your passport. If your address is different you need to submit an additional document for address proof.
Does ATC offer local telephone numbers for roaming subscribers?
Yes. With ATC SIM , you get one number that's globally local. We can offer local numbers in each of the countries if you so desire for an extra charge.
Will ATC be available to the subscriber in Indian Rupees?
Yes. ATC SIM can be purchased in India in Rupees. However if you top up abroad, you may be charged in either the local currency or US Dollars or Euros.
Does ATC provide customer care services?
Yes. ATC SIM Service provides you 24x7 customer support . You may contact our customer support service by :
  • Call 09001966682
Does ATC charge for inbound calls to the subscriber?
ATC sim offers free inbound calls in 50 countries countries around the world. We are constantly increasing this number –Please refer to Coverage and Tariff.
Does the ATC subscriber have to enter a PIN number when making an international call from the handset?
No. You dial from ATC SIM as you do normally. Dial +country code, area code, and then phone number symbol Hash and then call button
Do I need to return the SIM to ATC after the trip?
YES The SIM provided as part of ATC Welcome Kit is your for the trip to use as a subscriber. However if you want to keep it for longer time you may need to pay minimal charges annually.
What do I do if my ATC SIM is stolen or lost?
Call ATC helpline no. +9001966682 and lodge a complaint. Or send an email to support@atcsim.in with your full name, passport number and your ATC Number (optional). We will immediately block the ATC SIM and rush you an alternative SIM by express courier – any where in the world, for a small charge.
Do I need to pay a security deposit for my ATC?
Yes. Only Rs-500/ deposit required for the ATC Welcome Kit given to you.
Will my credit card be blocked, if I have to subscribe to ATC?
No. Your credit card shall be verified for authenticity and only the Activation Fees will be charged on your credit card. No other charge or authorization will be done against your credit card.
Will my credit card be charged for billing?
Yes, credit card being the preferred mode of payment, it shall be charged every time you wish to top up. However, as we do not store your credit card information, you will have to enter the details, everytime you would like to top up.
How do I make calls?
To make outgoing calls, dial the country code (e.g. +91 or *91)do not 00 , followed by the destination number (mobile or landline) and the Hash and call button wait for 10–15 seconds. You will get a ring back, accept the call, you will be now connected to the destination number
How do I receive calls/ messages?
Anyone who wants to talk to you, will do so they would normally call an international number from India. If your are a "Global Plan" subscriber, your phone number is a UK Phone number. To call you from India you need to use 00441234567890 or +441234567890. If you are an "American" plan subscriber your phone number is an US phone number. To call you from India, you need to use 0015123316036 or +15123316036
How do I check my phone balance?
Simply Dial *187# and press call button, you will get a message back with your A/C balance in US$.
Can I use my India phone instrument with the ATC SIM card?
The ATC SIM works on 850MHZ and 900 MHZ frequencies, the same frequencies that the phones in India operate. Check your India phone instrument for compatibility with the frequencies given above. The ATC SIM will work with any Tri-band or Quad-band GSM cell phone, please ensure that your cell phone meets the following criteria:
  • GSM Tri-band (GSM 900/1800/1900) or Quad-band (GSM 850/900/1800/1900)
  • It is an unlocked GSM cell phone
  • In Japan and South Korea support 3G(2100 MHz).
Can I use my Blackberry or Apple I Phone for this service?
ATC SIM card will not work on phones which are network locked. Please ensure that your Blackberry or IPhone is not locked to an operator. You will need to use a unlocked phone with your ATCSim
I am unable to make outgoing or receive incoming calls, what do I do?
In case you are unable to make outgoing calls, please switch off your handset and switch it on again and log on to an alternate network through "Manual Network Selection".
  • Select "Menu"
  • Scroll and select "Settings"
  • Scroll and select "Phone Settings"
  • Scroll and select "Network Selection"
  • Choose "Manual". This will give you all the networks in the city that you are in. Select an alternate network from this list.