About ATC

We have been dealing in International SIM cards for the travellers to overseas since the year 2000. The journey had in turn our associations with most of the players in India and overseas. We have seen the times when incoming calls were chargeable to the present where incoming is free in major part of the world.

The most important thing we learned from our experience so far was customer service. When a traveller takes a mobile connection from us and travels overseas he is reposing lot of trust on us as he is totally dependent on the SIM connection as he is connected to his office and family members through that SIM only. With so many years of experience we keep a constant monitoring on the services from the point he lands overseas and till he is returns back to India. We always trust a customer when he wants a recharge but is unable to make us the payment right away. We always do the recharge without any delay and in turn we never faced a problem of payments from the customer. We feel that the urgency of his connection to be active is far serious and important to us rather than procedures of collection of payment.

This in turn has given patronage of huge number of celebrities and regular customers who take the SIM while travelling overseas from us.

We have introduced the system of complete transparency in the way of free balance check on the SIM card after each call is made. This allows a customer to know the balance and also do a recharge on our website from wherever he is in the world. We have encouraged prepaid system of payment so that the customer knows and can plan his usage. At the end of the day he never feels cheated as he knows what is going on after every use he makes on the SIM card.

We always believe that if we give excellent service and competitive costs and also provide latest technology , we will be able to retain our customer. We believe that mouth to mouth publicity is the right publicity and hence always encourage the feedback provided to us by our customers.

Our 24 X 7 helpline helps the customer instantly for any query he has and we try to resolve it ASAP.

We believe in customer satisfaction that has been our only endeavour from the time we are in the International SIM card business.